An 18-year-old Northeast Washington man, arrested Monday in the robbery of a woman motorist, was said by a prosecutor in court yesterday to be a suspect in several other similar crimes committed against women motorists who got out to inspect damage after their cars had been bumped from behind.

William D. Davidson, who appeared yesterday in D.C. Superior Court and was ordered held without bond on two robbery charges, also was described in court as a "principal suspect in at least one homicide, three rapes and several other armed robberies."

In all these instances, the prosecutor said, a car occupied by one or two men bumped into the rear of an auto driven by a woman who was alone in the vehicle. When the women stepped from their cars, they were raped and/or robbed.

At a press conference last night, Deputy Police Chief Alphonso Gibson gave a similar recital of details of the cases.

In another development, police arrested a second suspect last night and charged him with participating in the Monday night robbery for which Davidson was charged. Police said the second suspect, Kevin Martin, 18, also was being questioned in connection with other cases.

At the court hearing yesterday, Assistant U. S. Attorney Anthony DiGioia told Superior Court Judge Ricardo Urbina that Davidson, who had been charged Oct. 25 with assaulting a woman with a knife, also was a "principal suspect" in several other cases.

Martin was to appear in court today on the single charge against him.

Police said that as many as three men may have taken part in the incidents, which they said had in the past few weeks begun to fall into a pattern, taking place in Southeast Washington and on a segment of Rte. I-295 near Bolling Air Force Base.

In these incidents, Gibson read from a prepared statement, "one to possibly three suspects operating stolen vehicles would purposely cause a minor auto accident with a female who was driving alone late at night."

When the cars stopped for the occupants to examine damage, the police said, the male occupants of the stolen vehicle "would accost, kidnap and rape" the women, Gibson's statement asserted.

Monday night, Gibson said, a woman motorist whose car was bumped was forced at gunpoint by two men to accompany them to the 4100 block of Second Street SW, where she was robbed.

Gibson said Davidson, of 4216 Barker La. SE, was arrested after a search of an area around Bolling Air Force Base and charged with the robbery on Second Street. Later, Gibson said, he was charged with another robbery interrupted by police.

Gibson, who is chief of detectives, said that after questioning of Davidson and further investigation, Martin was arrested on a warrant at his home at 617 Forrester St. SE.