The Maryland State Medical Examiner's office reported yesterday that George White, the Galesville, Md., man who killed his son-in-law and injured six Anne Arundel County police officers during a shootout at his home Thursday morning, was killed by police gunfire.

An Anne Arundel police spokesman said the autopsy indicated that White had been struck by several pellets from a police shotgun fired from about 100 feet away.

Police said White, 64, apparently despondent over the recent death of his mother, shot his son-in-law, Leonard Harris, 43, in the kitchen of the home that Harris and his family shared with White. When police arrived, White fired at them.

The gunfire stopped at about 2:45 a.m., and police spent the next five hours trying to coax White out of the house. Shortly after daybreak, just as special operations officers were about to storm the house, White's body was discovered lying on a woodpile behind the house. At that time, police said they were not sure if White had been killed during the exchange of gunfire, or if he had shot himself.

Charles Adams, the police officer most seriously injured in the incident, was in stable condition last night at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.