Mayor Marion Barry yesterday replaced two members of the new D.C. Convention Center board whose terms have expired with two of his staunchest political supporters -- labor leader William Lucy and Ann R. Kinney, the treasurer of Barry's reelection campaign committee.

Lucy, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), will replace John A. Boardman, business agent for the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union Local 25, which endorsed Patricia Roberts Harris in the Democratic mayoral primary race.

Kinney, a former executive assistant to the mayor for business and economic development, is taking the place of Marie C. Barksdale, a management consultant.

Ron Richardson, executive secretary and treasurer of Local 25, said last June after his union had endorsed Harris that Barry had warned him not to expect any help from the mayor's office on discretionary matters, such as appointments, affecting his union.

Yesterday, Richardson said Barry's decision against reappointing Boardman, who received endorsements from other board members and several area congressmen, was "unfortunate but not unexpected."

"John was probably the hardest working board member," Richardson said. "He did a lot of work above and beyond the call of duty . . . .We supported the mayor in the general election and we've been doing what we can to mend fences, and we were hoping John's reappointment would be an olive branch from the mayor."

Richardson contended that Barry's decision was shortsighted because Boardman has better understanding of the hospitality and restaurant industry than Lucy. "It's just not Bill Lucy's bag," Richardson said.

Barry denied yesterday that he was trying to reward his supporters and punish his political opponents by replacing Boardman.

"It's not a question of politics," Barry said at the District Building. "It's a question of giving people a chance to serve and not having the same people serving. You're going to find I'll make a number of changes in boards and commissions."

The mayor dismissed Richardson's criticism that Boardman would be a better choice than Lucy.

"Bill Lucy is an outstanding labor leader," Barry said. "Labor has a seat on the convention board and always will as long as I'm mayor."

The five-member board oversees and sets policy for the new $98.7-million convention center. Board members are paid $125 per diem or a maximum of $10,000 a year. Barry's appointment of Lucy and Kinney must be approved by the City Council.