A District of Columbia police officer who was looking for information on a suspect, shot and wounded the man in Oxon Hill yesterday morning, according to D.C. police.

Shortly after 10 a.m., Officers William Hayes Jr., 39, and Ronald Motley, 30, investigators for the D.C. repeat offenders unit, went to an apartment at 2400 Grange Hall Ct. in Oxon Hill, hoping to get information on the whereabouts of Don Reginald Parker, 34, charged in a D.C. warrant with armed robbery.

Capt. Edward Spurlock, chief of the repeat offenders unit, said the officers were surprised to find Parker in the apartment. He fled through a window. Motley chased the suspect on foot, while Hayes went after him in an unmarked police car.

A few blocks away, on Bock Road, Parker flagged down the unmarked cruiser which stopped quickly and was hit from the rear by a woman driving a Volvo. Parker realized he had stopped a police car and attempted to force his way into the Volvo.

According to Spurlock, Hayes identified himself as a police officer and told Parker to freeze. When Parker reached toward his belt, Hayes fired, striking Parker once in the side and twice in the back.

Parker was taken to Greater Southeast Hospital where he was reported in fair condition last evening.