The chairman and 12 other members of the D.C. City Council are getting a 5.3 percent annual pay increase of $2,170, but Mayor Marion Barry isn't even getting a cost-of-living rise. He'll have to muddle along on $67,410 a year.

The D.C. Office of Personnel has calculated and officially published what the mayor and council members will get as a result of the salary escalator clause included in the city's 1981 Merit Personnel Act. It's tied to inflation and to the wage increases received by rank-and-file city workers. The increases are retroactive to Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year.

Council Chairman Arrington Dixon (and his successor in January, David A. Clarke) will go to $53,480 from the previous $51,290. The 12 other members will go to $43,480 from $41,290. (Under the charter, the chairman is officially full-time, while the others are considered part-time.)

Barry's pay of $67,410 will not go up, because it is at the cap set by Congress. But if Barry had gotten what the Merit Personnel Act's formula provides, he would have earned $70,780 in the last year and $74,530 now.