One week after winning election as Prince George's county executive, Parris Glendening named 108 persons to eight separate task forces and told them to come up with policy suggestions before his Dec. 6 inauguration.

The most important recommendations the task forces will make are ones that will tell Glendening how he can find more money to run his government, and whether the county should proceed with all the bond issues approved by voters Nov. 2. As things now stand, Glendening anticipates that the county will be short at least $32 million in the first fiscal year of his administration.

Glendening told task force members that they should examine the structure of current government departments to see if they can be improved. The current Department of Program Planning and Economic Development, for instance, has faced criticism that it is simply a dumping ground for jobs that the county government does not know how to handle.

Glendening said he asked the task forces to think creatively about each of their subjects and not to worry about agreeing with his philosophy of government. He said he avoided naming any public official to the groups who is expected to continue in office when his administration begins.

Several of those appointed to liaison positions with the task forces, however, were appointed Monday to be Glendening's personal aides. They include: Susan Robbins, a College Park resident who became involved in the Glendening campaign, and though never politically active before, earned a reputation as a civic organizer while fighting to change the location of the Metro stop nearest her home; John Davey, a friend of Glendening's who works for the Environmental Protection Agency and who also worked on his campaign; Fern Piret, who was once Glendening's graduate assistant at the University of Maryland and who was his aide on the County Council; and Michael Knapp, head of the county police crime prevention unit and a friend of Glendening's. Glendening's fifth personal staff member is Mary H. Godfrey, who currently handles employe recruitment in the county personnel office.

The list of task force members reads like a Who's Who of influential county citizens: business owners and leaders, citizen activists, and unsuccessful and former county politicians. There are many woman and a number of blacks.

Task force members include former county executive Winfield Kelly, now a cable TV executive, who will serve on the fiscal and budgetary committee; Fred Wineland, Maryland's former secretary of state; outgoing council members Roy Dabney, Ann Lobardi and Ada Koonce; and labor leader Ernie Crofoot, who is director of the state branch of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

"I think this is more of an effort to demonstrate that he's reaching out to broad range," said lawyer Thomas Hendershot, who ran unsuccessfully for County Council. "Obviously it doesn't help him in terms of building a political organization."

The entire collection of task forces is chaired by Lance Billingsley, a longtime friend of Glendening's, a lawyer and former chairman of the Democratic Central Committee. Administration Committee:

Barbara M. Radcliff and Donald L. Spice (chairmen), Frances Hughes Glendening (liaison), John Brunner, Ernest Crofoot, H. Clifton Grandy, Richard J. Logue, Larnzell Martin, Barbara Miller, Alvin Nichols, Michael D. Planet, Michael Staed. Economic and Community Development Committee:

H. Joseph Edwards and Caroline A. Lewis (chairmen), Susan Robbins (liaison), Robert G. Depew, John H. Doskicz Jr., Charles Fink, James C. Fletcher Jr., Paul L. Fowler, Andrew O. Mothershead, Robert E. Petersen, Albert Phillips, Dick Reed, Edgar Sims Jr., Marty Weber. Fiscal and Budgetary Committee:

Roy I. Dabney and William V. Meyers (chairmen), John P. Davey (liaison), Thomas L. Bass, Dickerson W. Charlton, William F. Chesley, Sue Dowden, Patricia Florestano, Kathy M. Giannetti, Robert Haldeman, Laney Hester, Winfield M. Kelly, Ralph W. Powers, Fred L. Wineland. Education Committee:

Bonnie F. Johns and Reuben Spellman (chairmen), Ronald D. Schiff (liaison), Rufus Barfield, Louis T. Breeden, Terrance Devaney, Otis Ducker, Richard B. Fisher, Joanne Goldsmith, Margaret Hays, Diana B. McCusker, Dennis W. Madden, Donald O'Connell, Anne Prange, John C. Sisson. Human Services Committee:

Robert A. Courtemanche and Sue F. Ward (chairmen), Mary Godfrey (liaison), Vivian M. Dodson, Sara Ada Koonce, Peter Krauser, Ann L. Lombardi, Suzanne Plogman, Ralph W. Pryor, Beatrice M. Rodgers, Patrick Sheehan, Jose T. Soano, Richard J. Weikart, Mabel B. Wilkinson. Recreation, Parks, Libraries Committee:

Hervey G. Machen and Margaret Machen (chairmen), Thomas P. Smith (liaison), William S. Burlison, Barbara A. Funk, Courney H. Funn, Francis H. George, Thomas Hendershot, Barbara J. Lampe, Emilio Perche-Rivas, Carol A. Silberg, Dennis Smith, David M. Valderrama, W. Pierce Wilson. Land Use Planning, Water, Sewer and Transportation Committee:

Wayne Curry and Dorothy Troutman (chairmen), Fern Piret (liaison), George Brugger, Frank Derro, W.C. Dutton, W. Stanley Machen, Kenneth H. Michael, James R. Novak, Thomas H. Welsh III, Benjamin W. Woodward. Public Safety Committee:

Gloria Lawlah and John W. Rhoads (chairmen), Michael Knapp (liaison), Donna Aldridge, Eugene A. Brown, Mahon Curran, Robert J. DiPietro, Norma B. Gluckstein, Robert W. Gray, Ronald Milor, Albert W. Northrop, Robert T. Perry, Louis Pohoryles, Ralph Small.