For Maryland motorists, it's time again to pay off those parking tickets you've been ignoring--or risk standing in long lines next March to get your 1983 automobile license tags.

The state Motor Vehicle Administration warned yesterday that next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the deadline for paying tickets in all communities throughout Maryland in order to receive a routine mail application for tag renewal.

For a resident of, say, Hyattsville, that means that you must pay off tickets you may have been issued on a summer visit to Ocean City or a business trip to Baltimore. A total of 76 counties, cities and towns report unpaid tickets routinely to the state. About 100,000 overdue tickets reflecting $6.8 million in fines currently are unpaid.

If you delay in paying off, according to chief deputy MVA administrator Agnes Stoicos, you'll have to go through the added aggravations of obtaining a release form from the court to which you owe the fine and then go in person to a license tag office rather than applying by mail.

To get the routine tag application form, Marylanders also must satisfy two other requirements: obeying state police safety repair orders on cars (40,000 motorists) and paying $100 administrative fines for letting mandatory auto insurance policies lapse (90,000 motorists, $9 million in penalties).

Stoicos said those who failed to pay fines for moving (as distinct from parking) violations face drivers' license revocations, with their tags unaffected.