Timothy Joseph Buzbee, who was arrested and charged in connection with two of the series of sexual assaults that terrorized the Aspen Hill area of Montgomery County, was indicted yesterday in connection with those cases and four others.

Buzbee, a 25-year-old land surveyor who lives in Frederick, Md., was indicted on four counts of rape, and one count of another sexual assault in connection with five separate incidents that occurred between July 1, 1981, and Sept. 29 of this year, according to Andrew Sonner, Montgomery County state's attorney.

The Montgomery County grand jury that heard witnesses and evidence for 1 1/2 hours also indicted Buzbee, who grew up near the Aspen Hill area, on one count of attempted rape in a sixth incident and four counts of burglary and two counts of robbery in connection with the six incidents, Sonner said.

In addition to the six cases involving sex offenses or attempts, Buzbee was indicted yesterday on a charge of robbery in connection with an incident that occurred Dec. 29, 1980 in the Aspen Hill area, Sonner said.

Buzbee is jailed without bond.

Between March 1981 and October of this year, a series of 16 sexual assaults was reported by residents of the Aspen Hill area, a four-square-mile development with homes valued in the $120,000 to $140,000 range.

Sonner said last night that indictments were obtained in all the cases presented to the grand jury and that there are no plans to present any others. He declined to elaborate.

In another development yesterday, Montgomery Circuit Judge Calvin Sanders granted a petition sought by Buzbee's lawyer, Reginald Bours, sealing all records in the case. The petition itself was also sealed.

Buzbee was arrested Nov. 5 after he left work in Gaithersburg, and police held a press conference that night to announce his arrest, but gave no indication of their evidence.

At a subsequent bond hearing, a prosecutor said Buzbee, who had been under surveillance by police for two weeks, was picked up one day after police watched him follow a 9-year-old Bethesda girl to her home after dark, peer in the windows and approach a locked side door before fleeing.

Prosecutor Barry Hamilton also told the judge at the hearing that police had found a credit card of one of the rape victims in a drawer of Buzbee's desk and that it had been used nine times since the alleged March 9 rape, one of those in which Buzbee was indicted yesterday.

The prosecutor said three of the credit charges were incurred in Frederick, where Buzbee lives with his wife and two children.

Last week, Bours called much of the police information presented at the hearing "conjecture, speculation and conclusion."

Prosecutors said they hoped to place the cases on the docket individually for trial early next year.