A federal grand jury today indicted D.C. Jail escapee Rodney Patterson and an alleged accomplice on kidnaping charges in the abduction Saturday of a 31-year-old woman from her suburban Baltimore home.

Patterson, 31, a convicted bank robber facing an 8-to-24-year prison sentence, scaled a fence at D.C. Jail early Saturday morning and hours later, along with a second man, abducted Paulette Lovett from her home in Woodlawn, demanding $25,000 ransom, according to the FBI.

Lovett is a sister-in-law of Bernard (Big Head Brother) Lee, a Baltimore man convicted of heroin trafficking, and Patterson and Lee were acquainted, FBI officials say. Lee reported the abduction to the FBI and began cooperating with agents, letting them listen in on telephone negotiations with the abductors on a "drop site" for the ransom money.

Sunday night, 37 hours after the jail escape, FBI agents spotted Lovett in a blue Lincoln Continental with two men near one of the proposed drop sites in the 2600 block of New York Avenue NE, Washington. They pulled the car over, freed Lovett and arrested one man later identified as Patterson, according to the FBI. The second man got away on foot, agents said.

The second man was identified today as Terrance Anthony Lewis, 26, of Washington, and charged in the indictment here with kidnaping along with Patterson. He is still at large, agents said.

Dana E. Caro, special agent in charge of the Baltimore FBI field office, said Lewis was identified when the Lincoln Continental stopped by agents on New York Avenue was traced to Lewis' sister. Lovett then selected Terrance Lewis from an array of photographs presented by agents, Caro said.

The D.C. Corrections Department has appointed a four-member fact-finding panel to investigate Patterson's escape from the jail in which he overpowered a guard and an electronic surveillance system malfunctioned. The panel has three departmental officials and one representative from the guards' union. D.C. Police are also investigating the escape.