The Fairfax City School Board approved a $5.4 million school renovation package last week, but may have trouble getting the city council to support a bond issue to raise the funds, Fairfax City spokesman Thomas Welle said.

"The board chose the middle of three options, rejecting a more expensive program and a do-nothing option," Welle said. "But I think the council will take a hard look at whether to hold a referendum on selling bonds this spring. It's a lot of money."

The proposal calls for renovation of gymnasiums at all four elementary schools, a new roof for Fairfax High School, two new classrooms at Layton Hall Elementary, carpeting for some classrooms and elevators for the handicapped in some schools.

In a related issue, the Fairfax County School Board is scheduled to vote next week on the city's recommendation to close John C. Wood Elementary and move 105 students across the street to Layton Hall. If the county school board agrees, Wood will be closed at the end of this school year.

The Fairfax City School Board has jurisdiction over city schools, but under a contract it signed with the county, decisions it makes are sent on to the county board for final approval.