Mount Rainier Mayor Linda Nalls said she no longer is optimistic about acquiring the vacant Mount Rainier Junior High School.

Nalls said the Prince George's Department of Property Management last week told the City Council it would cost about $1 million to renovate the school and put it in shape to pass county building codes.

She said it would cost even more to install elevators required by the state so that the handicapped can use the facilities.

Under county law, Mount Rainier has first option on the school, which closed in June. But the city already has received several extensions on a September deadline for a decision.

Nalls recently set up a task force to study ways of getting money to renovate and maintain the building. The task force is scheduled to submit a report Dec. 14.

But after hearing the county's report and touring the building, Nalls said she is no longer optimistic about acquiring it. She said the school is in "very bad shape."

"We have been given several extensions and the county assured us we could get more, but I no longer see the point," Nalls said. "I don't see how we could fix the building and pay to maintain it.""