A former federal bankruptcy judge from Poolesville has been sentenced to six months in jail following his conviction in Worcester County for child abuse.

Glenn J. Goldburn, 53, was charged with assault, battery and a sex offense after an incident involving a 13-year-old girl in an Ocean City motel room in June of last year, according to the state's attorney's office in Worcester County.

Goldburn, who resigned his position as a bankruptcy judge at the U.S. District Court in Hyattsville after his arrest, pleaded guilty to child abuse after state's attorney Joseph E. Moore agreed to drop the other charges.

"The case was a terrible tragedy all the way around," Goldburn's attorney Courtland K. Townsend Jr. said yesterday. He said he will seek a reduction of sentence with Circuit Judge Edward A. Thomas, but refused to comment further. On Nov. 18 Thomas sentenced Goldburn to three years in jail, but suspended all but six months.

Goldburn was arrested on June 17 last year, after the girl's mother complained to the police. The incident occurred the day before Goldburn was to be the guest speaker at convention in Ocean City, according to prosecutor Moore.