Two Southeast Washington residents have been sentenced to six-year prison terms in connection with a fictitious report to law enforcement officials last year that police had illegally searched a car for drugs before obtaining a search warrant.

U.S. District Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. on Monday gave Otis M. Bridges, 30, of 420 37th Pl. SE, consecutive three-year terms for obstruction of justice and perjury before a federal grand jury.

Yesterday, the judge imposed the same sentences for the same offenses on Denise Harley, 24, of 3639 6th St. SE, as well as adding an additional 30-day term for making a false report to police. A jury convicted Bridges and Harley in late October.

D.C. police had asked Harley for permission to search her Ford Thunderbird on Sept. 3, 1981, after receiving an anonymous tip that there were 600 packets of heroin in the trunk, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore A. Shmanda.

Shortly thereafter, Bridges, Harley and two other men complained to prosecutors that they saw police search the car before obtaining the search warrant. They told the same story to the grand jury, Shmanda said.

However, Shmanda said, two other witnesses later admitted the story was a hoax.