An 18-year-old Silver Spring youth was sentenced by three Montgomery County Circuit Court judges yesterday to 38 years, to be served consecutively, for burglary, housebreaking and sexual offense convictions.

Dana Jones, who was convicted of breaking into homes near the Summit Hills Apartments where he lived, was sentenced by Judge Richard B. Latham to five years in jail for the burglary of a Silver Spring home on Feb. 15, 1981, in which an assortment of jewelry was taken.

Judge James S. McAuliffe added 25 years to Jones' jail term when he sentenced him to 15 years for theft and 10 years for housebreaking in an Aug. 24, 1981, case in which Jones took some jewelry and bonds from another Silver Spring home.

Jones, who was represented by a court-appointed attorney, Paul Schwedler, told Judge Rosalyn B. Bell he was sorry for the crimes in the case presented before her. The judge sentenced him to three years in prison for housebreaking and five years for a sexual offense committed on May 3, 1981, at a Silver Spring apartment. In the case heard by Judge Bell, Jones was convicted of breaking into the home and sexually attacking a young woman, striking her with a glass jar, then fleeing, according to court records.

When Judge Bell asked Jones if he had comments, he told her: "I would just like to get time served; I've already been in jail two years."

"I'm sorry, you can't get that," Judge Bell responded. "Two other judges have already sentenced you to 30 years today."

In imposing her sentences consecutively, Judge Bell said she thought Jones was a danger to the community. "If I could, I suspect I would put you away for the rest of your life," she said.