A bouncer who was shot two weeks ago, allegedly by the son of Brazil's ambassador to the United States, sued the South American nation for $10 million yesterday, claiming Brazilian officials had prior knowledge of the son's "antisocial behavior" and neglected to do anything about it.

The suit, filed by Kenneth Skeen, 23, in U.S. District Court, alleges he was assaulted by Antonio da Silveira Jr. on Nov. 29 in The Godfather nightclub, 4934 Wisconsin Ave. NW. The suit names as defendants Silveira, his father and the nation of Brazil, and asks for $1 million in compensatory damages and $9 million in punitive damages.

According to the suit, Silveira pulled a gun and aimed it at Skeen's chest while the two men were inside the nightclub. When Silveira pulled the trigger, the gun misfired, according to the suit, and Skeen chased Silveira out of the nightclub. Silveira then pulled another gun and shot Skeen three times, the suit alleges.

A spokesman for the Brazilian Embassy had no immediate comment yesterday. The embassy issued a statement earlier, claiming Silveira had been provoked into shooting Skeen after "some trivial matter connected with a pack of cigarettes."

John Coale, the lawyer representing Skeen, said there are exceptions to the immunity granted the operations of foreign governments in the U.S. "In this case, the exception is assault and battery," he said.