A District government unemployment insurance supervisor was struck and injured yesterday outside her office on H Street NE by a man who had earlier created a disruption inside, according to police and the supervisor.

The woman, Geraldine Wulff, 35, was admitted to Capitol Hill Hospital with a fractured cheekbone and blackened eyes after the 8 a.m. incident.

Wulff said that a man who came to the office at 1319 H St. NE with papers indicating that an unfavorable ruling had been made on his insurance claim "started raising hell" while in line and was asked to wait for the office manager.

Shortly afterward, Wulff said in an interview from the hospital, she felt ill and walked out for a breath of air.

She said the man apparently followed her from the office and then struck her. A bystander halted the attack, she said.

Police in the 5th District said they arrested a man identified as John A. Terry, 22, who gave his address as 1412 South Carolina Ave. SE., and charged him with simple assault.

Wulff said she had been threatened in the 13 years she has worked for the unemployment agency, but had never before been assaulted. She said a guard is assigned to the office but not for the full period it is open.