Montgomery County school officials were assured this week that state funds would be available to finance the much needed $2.3-million renovation of Bradley Hills Elementary School in Bethesda.

The funding seemed questionable late last month when the director of the state Interagency Committee for Public School Construction told Montgomery officials the committee would not recommend to the state legislature that the money be included in the agency's $22-million budget next year. The agency funds all school construction projects in the state.

But the agency's Monday decision, which also included reimbursement funds for the $1.98-million renovation of Gaithersburg Elementary School begun last year, does not reverse its earlier decision not to give the school system money for the renovation next year.

Instead, school officials were told that planning for the project had been approved and that money for it would be available in the near future. This approval enables the Montgomery school system to go ahead with the Bradley Hills renovation using local money without risk of no reimbursement.

The school board voted to close Radnor Elementary School in Bethesda last year because of low enrollment and to send its students to Bradley Hills Elementary School -- then called Bradley -- a school older than Radnor and in need of more repair. Because Bradley is in a physically poor condition, students are being temporarily housed at Radnor.

School officials said the latest decision would most likely result in students returning to Tradley Hills in September 1984.

The state committee's decisions this week, if approved by the state legislature, would give the school system $3 million of $8.9 million it requested from the state.