Excuse me, but doesn't that Santa Claus look familiar? I'd swear I've seen him on television, wearing another style of red uniform. With the big number 53 on his jersey.

Yup. He's Jeff Bostic, the Redskin center, and he played Santa at a program yesterday at the Dulles Marriott sponsored by the team and an organization called No Greater Love, which provides friendship and care chiefly for children. Among the guests were kids from St. Anne's Home in Washington.

First lady Nancy Reagan attended. Also among those who agreed to attend were Redskin coach Joe Gibbs and players John Riggins, Joe Theismann, Joe Washington and Mark Moseley. May they score a million honorary points, not all of them in field goals, even if they don't count in the official NFL standings!

Which leads me to say: There are dozens, nay hundreds, of Christmas parties sponsored by fine folks around town that deserve attention, so many that space doesn't permit mentioning more than a few. Among yesterday's other events were a party for the underprivileged at the Capital Children's Museum and a choral program by the Ford's Theatre troupe at Children's Hospital.