The New Carrollton City Council last week endorsed a package of legislative items it wishes to see the state General Assembly tackle in 1983.

Heading the wish list are two items dealing with municipal home rule, according to City Administrator John Brunner.

The first is the question of municipal authority being superseded by county law. In a number of recent cases, courts have ruled that county law stands above municipal law if the two conflict, a decision that raised the ire of many municipal officials. The council would like the state assembly to pass a law giving precedence to municipal law when it conflicts with county law.

The second issue is double taxation. City officials believe municipal residents should get either a rebate on their taxes or a tax differential "to eliminate double taxation between municipalities and the county," Brunner said. The council would like the state to pass a law eliminating, for example, the requirement that a resident of a municipality must pay for both city and county trash removal.

The council also wants the state legislative body to study the following issues:

* Antitrust liability. The city believes the antitrust implications of certain non-competitive monopolies, such as snow and trash removal services, should be considered, much as cable television franchise awards have acknowledged antitrust considerations.

* The state retirement system. Twenty-five municipalities, including New Carrollton, belong to the financially ailing system and the city does not want members to suffer because the state has fiscal problems.

State revenue sharing. City officials believe municipalities should receive the funds monthly instead of quarterly. State revenue makes up 25 percent of New Carrollton's income, Brunner said.