A friend dropped past my cluttered desk the other day and plunked down a bottle bearing this label:

Marionberry wine from Washington? Sounds familiar. Could it be that our mayor, Marionb-- . . . no, either the printer made a typographical error or hizzoner isn't involved.

It's no typo. It's not Marionbarry wine. A call to Marysville, Wash., brought a cheerful voice on the line, that of Linda Rix, general manager of the Cascade Cellars. She said the quite dry Marionberry wine is produced from marionberries, a hybrid between blackberries and loganberries, developed in Marion County, Ore., hence the name.

Cascade Cellars began producing Marionberry last year and plans to move into wine from chenin blanc grapes next year. The vineyard also hopes to break into the eastern market.

"Yes, we knew that Marion Barry is the mayor of Washington, and we were trying to figure a way to get a bottle to him," said Rix. We didn't mention that the mayor of nearby Seattle is the new head of the National League of Cities, whose headquarters is across the street from the District Building, and that he might be willing to be the courier.

Lacking that, here's an offer to Mayor Berry -- uh, Mayor Barry. Would you like to drop by some evening for a taste and a toast? RSVP.