Nothing I like better than groups of groups that give to our annual fund-raising campaign. To wit:

LAWYERS: The staff of the Fairfax Bar Association gave $20. Breed, Abbott & Morgan donated $99. King and Everhard gave an even $100. The staff at Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard and McPherson contributed $236 at a Christmas party. Workers at O'Connor & Hannan gave the handsome sum of $680. Handsomest sum of all came from the Law Offices of Martin P. Hoffman - a total of $2,511. Thanks, all you generous legal eagles.

MUSICIANS: A young (but nameless) brass ensemble from Vienna, Oakton and Chantilly spent two pre-Christmas weekends playing carols at nearby shopping centers. They donated the $280 that passersby threw into the kitty. And a group of carolers in Cleveland Park managed to raise $471 by decking the halls and resting the merry gentlemen. Nice work, musical folk.

CLUBS: No, it wasn't Martian piasters or Neptunian lira. It was good old Yankee dollars -- 45 of them, to be exact, given by the University of Maryland Science Fiction Society. Not far behind (and in U.S. bucks, too) were gifts from the Washington Area Alumnae Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta ($60.50), the Fairfax County Duplicate Bridge Club ($30), the Seminary Ladies Bowling League of Alexandria ($70), the Friendly Clifton Bridge Club ($101.25), the Country Squares of Northern Virginia Square Dance Club ($101) and the All-Fouled-Up M.O.C. Auxiliary No. 5 of the Military Order of the Cootie of the U.S. (that's really what they call themselves -- they gave $25). Much obliged, clubsters.

AND SCHOOLS: The faculty and staff at Springbrook High School gave $534. Various fourth graders, fifth graders, parents and staff at Taylor Elementary School in Arlington contributed $260. Separately, another group of Taylor fourth-graders got $173.32 together and mailed it in. The Students With a Purpose Club at Anacostia Senior High School in Southeast raised $20 for the hospital during Reading Aloud to Children Week. The staff at Palmer Park Services Center (part of the Prince George's County Public Schools) gave $117. The staff at Kenilworth Elementary School in Bowie gave $260. Faculty and staff at the University of Maryland's Psychology Department passed along $645 in checks. From Harmony Hall Elementary School in Fort Washington comes $15, courtesy of Fran Doyle's fourth and fifth graders. The December Social Committee at Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Northeast collected $105 in a holiday stocking. The preschool staff at The Browne Academy and Brownie Preschool in Alexandria donated $136.76. The Instructional Development and Evaluation Center at Gallaudet College sent along $30. Spring Knolls Cooperative Nursery School, Inc. in Northwest gave $25. And sixth graders from Montpelier Elementary School in Laurel collected $38.29 for the hospital at a holiday party. Good show, all of you.