The Fairfax City School Board has asked a former city attorney to draft two separate bonding proposals that could result in $6.7 million in school renovations and construction.

John H. Rust Jr., a private attorney in the city, was hired by the board to draft the proposals, one an omnibus plan for school repairs and the building of five new gyms, the other for gymnasium construction alone.

The $6.7 million omnibus package would include funds for construction of a new Fairfax High School roof and renovations of several elementary schools, as well as for construction of new gyms at four elementary and one intermediate school in the city.

Rust was asked to draft a separate proposal for the gym construction, which would cost roughly $1.5 million, because the gyms are the most politically sensitive part of the bonding package, school officials said privately. Some city residents oppose construction of new gyms because several of the schools scheduled to receive the new facilities already have multipurpose rooms for students, officials said.

The School Board was expected to endorse both bonding plans and send a single bonding proposal--including the gym construction--to the City Council, which may place the bonding question on a city-wide ballot as early as April.

School Board Chairman James A. Kladder said that he expected the council to approve most of the financing proposal. "I'm pretty sure the issue will fly," he said, downplaying reports that Mayor John Russell and other council members oppose the gym construction portion of the bonding plan.