D.C. City Council member William R. Spaulding (D-Ward 5) has introduced legislation to delay this year's election of 367 Advisory Neighborhood Commission members until the fall of 1984, but the bill stops short of city election officials' requests to also postpone other 1983 elections, including those for the school board.

Spaulding's limited proposal, which would also would require partial reregistration of D.C. voters, follows a critical city report in December that urged the city to postpone all elections and act quickly to solve nagging problems that have marred elections for years.

Spaulding, chairman of the committee on government operations that oversees the city's elections process, said yesterday that he had not worked out the details of his proposals for rescheduling the ANC elections and for reregistration.

Council Chairman David A. Clarke, who is preparing his own elections proposals, said he has previously supported holding elections only in even-numbered years. He said his plan would have the effect of postponing all of this year's balloting.

In addition to the ANC and school board voting now scheduled for November, there may also be citizen initiatives up for consideration that would limit salaries of school board members to $7,000, support the restoration of historic Rhodes Tavern and decriminalize the use of marijuana.

Voters also are scheduled to elect two "senators" and one "representative" who would lobby Congress to make the District of Columbia a state.

Spaulding, who has headed his committee for the past four years, has been cool to the idea of postponing any elections except the ANC voting, although he said yesterday that he is now "open to discussion" on the issue.

Virtually all city officials have agreed that the ANC balloting should be postponed. In addition to the city's poor registration records, there is confusion over the legal boundaries of each of the ANC areas.

Albert J. Beveridge III, chairman of the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics, said yesterday that he still believes the city should postpone the ANC elections this year to give the embattled elections office time to sort out its records and conduct a complete reregistration of all city voters. He also said the city should decide whether it wants to continue holding elections every year or consolidate them.

Beveridge, a lame-duck member of the three-member board, has requested that he not be reappointed. The term of Virginia Moye expired more than a year ago.

Annette Samuels, press secretary to Mayor Marion Barry, said the mayor hopes to appoint two new members of the board by the end of this month.

One of the major issues facing new board members will be the appointment of an executive director to permanently replace Teddy Filosofos, who was hired last May but quit following widespread criticism of the handling of the September primaries.