A member of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors charged yesterday that D.C. Mayor Marion Barry had refused repeated requests for meetings with county officials worried about security at the city-run Lorton prison complex in southern Fairfax.

Supervisor Sandra L. Duckworth said she has directed county staff to try one more time to arrange a meeting. If that fails, she said she and her constituents "will camp out on Barry's door step until he agrees to a meeting."

Duckworth, a Democrat whose Mount Vernon District includes Lorton, is concerned because of the rash of escapes this year and what she called "the failure" of prison authorities to "promptly alert" community residents with a promised neighborhood siren and through county police.

"If they prison officials can't control themselves in this area, I want them out. I want them out anyway," Duckworth said. "There is not a Fairfax County prisoner in there. They are visitors in Fairfax County and they damn well better straighten up. I'll say this, they're giving us good arguments for getting rid of them."

After a rash of escapes this summer, Duckworth asked for a meeting with Barry. "I was told that the mayor was in the throes of a hot primary and that the staff would look into it," said Duckworth.

She said she then requested a meeting in September and was again asked if the meeting could be delayed, this time until after the Nov. 2 elections. Duckworth said subsequent attempts by staff to arrange a meeting have failed. "We did get the runaround" said Duckworth, adding the urgency was again highlighted by a prisoner escape in December.

The mayor's office had no immediate comment on Duckworth's statement.