A 32-year-old Hampton, Va., man was sentenced yesterday by two Alexandria judges to three consecutive life sentences plus 39 years in prison on charges stemming from an armed robbery, in which a bystander was abducted, and the robber's later escape from an Alexandria deputy sheriff.

Judge Wiley R. Wright Jr. gave Tinsley two consecutive life sentences for an incident in which he robbed 62-year-old Deputy Sheriff William Johnson during his Sept. 27 escape from Jefferson Memorial Hospital and stole a car from a woman in his brief bid for freedom.

Tinsley had been hospitalized as the result of a bullet wound he received during the Sept. 20 armed robbery of a savings and loan in the Bradlee Shopping Center. Judge Albert Grenadier yesterday gave Tinsley a third life sentence on an armed robbery charge in that case. Grenadier also gave Tinsley 10 years for abducting an elderly bystander during the robbery and two years for the use of a weapon in the abduction.

Tinsley shot the deputy sheriff who was guarding him at hospital, but the officer, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was not seriously wounded. Wright yesterday sentenced Tinsley to 20 years for the attempted murder of the deputy. Tinsley also received two years for the use of a weapon in the commission of an attempted murder of Johnson and a five-year sentence for the escape.

Commonweath's Attorney John Kloch said Tinsley, who is facing 46 other criminal counts throughout the Tidewater area, will not be eligible for parole.