Now that everybody's back from the holidays, groups have begun to contribute to our annual fund-raising drive the way they did when it was still 1982. Recent arrivals:

A donation of $70 from the federal relations staff at TRW, Inc., and one of $128.03 from the employes of the Democracy Boulevard branch of Suburban Trust Co.

The coffee fund at the Examination Division of the Treasury Department's Foreign Operations District yielded $260 to the hospital. A group of carolers from the Shooter's Hill section of Alexandria raised $125 by door-to-dooring it. And a Christmas party raffle among the gang at American Management Systems Inc. of Arlington produced $135.50.

Federal employes have been good to us, as always. The Division of Language Services at the State Department gave $725 to the kids. The staff of the Center for Demographic Studies at the Bureau of the Census gave $50 instead of exchanging Christmas cards. Another $305 was sent in by the Accounting Division at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters -- more than double last year's gift. The employes of the Defense Investigative Service, Washington Region, contributed $408, and the National Cartographic Information Center out in Reston kicked in another $110. The Office of the Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs at the Food and Drug Administration passed along $125, and the personnel of the Federal Aviation Administration's Airways Facilities Sector at National Airport put together $130. The U.S. Capitol Police contributed $300, and some of the gang they guard, namely the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, donated $175. The judges of the United States Claims Court mailed in $275, and the employes of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's computer center donated $138. Biggie of the day came from the employes of the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center in Carderock, who raised $1,250. A great big thank-you, one and all.

Carolers were also busy in the Idlewild section of Bowie, and Valerie Knight passed along $126 that they raised. Meanwhile, Lorraine Morton's biology class at W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax raised $40.71 for the kids, and the Lillian and Stanley Posner Foundation of Washington contributed $500.

Here's an idea that every bank ought to copy. At the Veirs Mill Branch of Suburban Bank in Silver Spring, the tellers spent three weeks urging customers to donate their change to the hospital. The program was a smashing success. Some customers offered money every week, and others told tellers to keep more than just coins. The bottom line was $531, the biggest donation so far this year from a branch bank. Well done, Veirs Mill customers and staff.

Andrew V. Donnally, an architecture and planning company in Bethesda, collected $100 for the hospital at the office Christmas party. In lieu of gift-giving, the Accounts Payable, Sales Audit and Accounting Departments at Hechinger Company headquarters in Landover kicked in $94. St. Cabrini Geriatric Clinic Inc., of Germantown contributed $25. And the Baptist Ministers' Wives Association of Washington, D.C., and Vicinity collected $124.

The Grandmothers' Bridge Club of Northern Virginia passed along $16. Foster Associates, Inc., of Northwest gave $312 to the campaign. Mim's Beauty Salon of Bethesda donated $35. And Blair Liquors of Northwest added $100.

A check for $17.20 was mailed in by the National Honor Society chapter at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in Northwest. The employes of the Giant Pharmacy in Silver Spring's Blair Plaza passed along $100. The employes of Remco Business Systems Inc. of Forestville gave the hospital $126, collected from under a "money tree" in the lobby. And the Tuesday Afternoon Wives Bowling League, which rolls at Esperanza Lanes in Lexington Park, quit throwing strikes long enough to collect $20.

Thanks to every one of you.