When you think an issue has been settled, often it isn't. Like the proposal by Cardon Oil Co. of Mesa, Ariz., to build a truck stop off I-70 at New Market-- which calls itself Maryland's antiques capital--about 40 miles northwest of Washington.

When MetroScene last reported on the proposal, a Circuit Court judge had ruled that the 6.4-acre site had been improperly rezoned and that the truck stop was not legal. The company has appealed the case to the state Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis. No ruling has been issued.

Meantime, the project has been revived, this time as a service station, not a truck stop. Frederick County's zoning administrator, Fred Lowndes, has ruled that a service station is legal on the site. It's scaled down from the original plans--seven truck parking spaces instead of the originally planned 54 and less capacity for diesel fuel in relation to gasoline.

Like the original one, the revived and revised plan has spurred opposition. Mayor Frank Shaw and the New Market Town Council voted this week to support a petition by the New Market District Legal Defense Fund seeking an appeal of the zoning administrator's ruling. They fear such a large installation would ruin New Market's image.