Predictions of snow led the late night television news on Friday.

Forecasters weren't sure how much would fall--and calculations ranged from one to four inches--but all agreed there would be snow.

There wasn't.

Here's what they said.

Bob Ryan, WRC-TV, Channel 4:

"For tonight, snow from time to time, but no accumulations.

Temperatures will be dropping . . . Tomorrow, head to the ballgame, it will be snowing here in Washington.

I'm still looking for light, perhaps occasionally moderate snow, but an accumulation in the order, in the city, of two, three, perhaps four inches. But primarily four inches to the north, lesser amounts to the south."

Fred Knight, WTTG-TV, Channel 5:

"First of all, the Redskins won't slide around on the football field tomorrow. They'll slush around kind of, because by game time tomorrow there's going to be kind of a little snow and mixed rain, and that snow will be the wet variety. So it's going to be kind of slushy on the football field, and no snow.

"However, when you're driving home after the ballgame, you might want to keep in mind to drive carefully, because it might be a little bit slippery then . . . . Now you've heard reports of a possibiliy of ten inches, five to eight, etc etc. Accu-weather again tonight, as they did last night, assures us that there will be no more than two inches of snowfall, however, maybe around one, one and a half, two inches."

Gary Shore, WJLA-TV, Channel 7:

"As I'm refining the information tonight, and looking over all the charts, I see the tendency for the storm to drop a little further to the south, so I'm going to up the accumulations for within the Beltway to two to four inches . . . "

Gordon Barnes, WDVM-TV, Channel 9:

"The snow moved into the Washington area about 45 minutes ago.

The snow in and around the Washington area at this hour is very, very light . . . The snow should become heavier and steadier during the night. But to repeat, as I've been saying all day, and that is that the heavier snow will probably fall during the Redskins game tomorrow . . . A possibility of 3 to 6 inches by tomorrow night."