Gov. Charles S. Robb said today there was "nothing wrong or shady" about a political action committee his supporters created last fall with previously undisclosed campaign funds left over from his 1981 race.

The PAC, called Virginians for Good Government, Inc., will be used to pay the cost of some of Robb's political travels and to aid selected candidates running for state offices in Virginia, the Democratic governor told a press conference.

Robb said that he and his advisors had intended to disclose the source of the $96,760 in contributions "in due course." But once the PAC was formed, Robb said, "Frankly, I forgot about it.

"None of us were aware of the fact that it would be construed as unreported amounts," said Robb. "I had to wait until I saw the list to find what in the world was on it." Most of the money, including $5,000 collected last June, was pledged to his campaign before the election, he said.

Robb said that the idea for such a fund originated in part with former Republican Gov. John N. Dalton, who had recommended a separate account to pay for political events. "It was designed so we would have a legitimate, fully documented, fully recorded vehicle for engaging in the political aspects of my role as governor," said Robb.

"The specific example being there may be a time when I have to get to a political event and the only way I can do it safely is to use the state aircraft," he said. "The state police and others, including my wife, don't want me to jump in a little single-engine aircaft, where you don't know the pilot, and fly down to some obscure airport."