Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C is seeking a commissioner to represent the area between Cathedral Avenue, Garfield Street, Woodley Road, Connecticut Avenue and 34th Street NW. Interested residents should request a petition from the Board of Elections and Ethics in the District Building and collect the signatures of 35 registered voters living within that single-member district. The petition must be returned to the Board of Elections and Ethics before Feb. 2. The commissioner is needed to represent Single-Member District 3 because of the resignation of Charles Szoradi.

The ANC has asked the D.C. Department of Transportation to place a bus shelter at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Macomb Street NW.

Neighborhood resident Peter Espenschied has been compiling monthly crime statistics for ANC 3C for 16 months. The number of crime reports for the 20,000-population area has fluctuated between 105 and 139 a month. About one-third of the crimes occurred within a two-block radius of the Sheraton Washington and Shoreham hotels. The number of violent crimes (mostly street robberies) has been between eight and 19 a month. The monthly statistics are available at the ANC office. Espenschied needs help compiling and analyzing data. Interested neighborhood residents should call the ANC office at 232-2232.

Peggy Robin has replaced Charles Szoradi as chairman of the Preservation and Landmarks Committee. She will continue the projects begun under Szoradi's leadership, including the application for historic landmark status for Twin Oaks, the former Chinese embassy on Klingle Road. The committee also will consider landmark status for the firehouse at Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street NW.