Top Fairfax County police and political figures will attend Reston's second annual public-safety meeting at 8 p.m. Thursday in the Hunter's Woods Fellowship House.

Except for a highly publicized series of rapes, crime news in Reston has been good, said Capt. Carlton King, who heads the police substation in Reston. Crime in Reston, as in the county at large, dropped significantly last year, according to police statistics released last week, and police this month arrested four persons thought to be responsible for at least 25 area burglaries.

County Police Chief Carroll D. Buracker has credited neighborhood crime watch groups, such as those in Reston, with helping reduce crime in the county.

The Reston area has had no reported rapes since Dec. 30, when the ninth since July occurred.

A 19-year-old man suspected by police of being the "pathway rapist" was arrested Dec. 21 but was freed Jan. 11 when a 70-year-old victim said in court she could not identify him.

Board of Supervisors Chairman John F. Herrity; Supervisors Martha V. Pennino and Nancy Falck; King and Buracker are expected to attend the meeting, which is sponsored by the citizen's police advisory committee.