Here's how the Virginia Senate voted Monday on the bill that would have banned throwaway beer and soda bottles. It was killed on a 24-to-12 vote. Northern Virginia senators are in boldface.

For: Anderson, D-Brunswick; Bird, D-Wythe; Canada, R-Virginia Beach; DuVal, D-Fairfax; Gartlan, D-Fairfax; Gray, F.T., D-Chesterfield; Hailey, D-Norfolk; Holland, E.M., D-Arlington; Mayre, D-Montgomery; Mitchell, R-Alexandria; Scott, E.F., Amelia; Waddell, D-Loudoun. Total: 12.

Against: Andrews, D-Hampton; Babalas, D-Norfolk, Barker, R-Danville; Brault, D-Fairfax; Buchanan, D-Wise; Chichester, R-Fredericksburg; Cross, D-Hanover; Emick, D-Botetourt; Fears, D-Accomack; Garland, R-Roanoke; Goode, D-Rocky Mount; Gray, E.T. D-Waverly; Holland, R.J., D-Isle of Wight; Jones, D-Abingdon; Nolen, D-Augusta; Parker, D-Chesapeake; Parkerson, D-Henrico; Saslaw, D-Fairfax; Schewel; D-Lynchburg; Scott, R.C., D-Newport News; Truban, R-Woodstock; Walker, D-Norfolk; Wilder, D-Richmond; Willey, D-Richmond. Total: 24.

Not Voting: Colgan, D-Manassas; Michie, D-Charlottesville; Miller, R-Rockingham; Moody, D-Portsmouth. Total: 4.

This was the vote Monday as the Senate approved 26-to-11 a bill to establish a Jan. 15 state holiday in honor of the slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

For: Democrats Andrews, Babalas, Bird, Colgan, Cross, DuVal, Emick, Fears, Gartlan, Goode, Gray E. T, Gray F. T., Hailey, Holland E. M., Jones, Marye, Michie, Parker, Saslaw, Schewel, Scott R. C., Waddell, Walker, Wilder; Republicans Garland and Mitchell: Total 26.;

Against: Democrats Anderson, Brault, Buchanan, Holland R. J., Nolen, Parkerson; Republicans Barker, Canada, Chichester, Scott E. F., Truban.

Not voting: Democrats Moody and Willey and Republican Miller.