A pair of items today deal with animals. First, there's the sad case of the butchered pet deer.

For six years, Henry and Patsy Burkett of Hagerstown have owned a pet deer, Tammy, who was bought at the age of two weeks from a licensed deer breeder. "She was so tame she would walk up to anybody," Mrs. Burkett said.

Over the weekend, somebody apparently lured Tammy to the fence of her pen and either knifed or shot her, then gutted her and loaded her carcass onto a nearby automobile.

In Annapolis, Herbie the termite-sniffing beagle has become the principal figure in a $570,000 lawsuit. For a year, Herbie worked for Gary Gilley, who operates Maryland Pest Control. Last year the dog died when it was struck by a truck in nearby Millersville.

Herbie had been leased, at $10,000 a year, from a California trainer, Robert Outman. In his lawsuit, filed in Anne Arundel Circuit Court, Gilley contended that Outman reneged on a promise to replace Herbie.

Outman, in a telephone interview with the Baltimore Evening Sun, contended Gilley failed to pay insurance premiums on the dog and said he would not provide Gilley with another dog, fearing it might meet a fate similar to Herbie's.