Manassas is negotiating to buy a school building from Prince William County, but some city officials are balking at the asking price of $990,000.

The Prince William school board wants to sell its 41-year-old main administration building on Tudor Lane in Manassas and build new offices beside the school administration annex building 10 miles away at Independent Hill, on a former Air Force missile site.

The school superintendent and his staff work in the Manassas building while curriculum supervisors are at Independent Hill.

"Every time we have a meeting people have to jump into cars," school spokeswoman Kristy Larson told Post special correspondent Gayle Young.

Manassas officials are interested in using the two-story building as an annex to overcrowded Osbourn High School across the street. But the price for the building, plus 14 acres and two smaller buildings, is more than the city can afford, a city official said last week.

The county sold Osbourn High School to the city in 1976 when Manassas created its own school system. More than 1,000 students now attend the school, designed for a student body of 800.

The city school board had asked for $14 million to build a new high school, but the City Council opted instead to spend $6 million to renovate all six city schools over the next three years.