he following are two Virginia House of Delegates rollcall votes. The first occurred Sunday when the House voted 58 to 41 against a bill to let voters decide whether to establish a state lottery. The second is the way members voted Monday as the House passed 58 to 37 a bill giving adults with terminal illnesses the right to tell their doctors not to use artifical means to keep them alive.

Northern Virginia legislators' names are listed in boldface.

The state lottery bill: Voting in Opposition:

Agee, R-Roanoke; Andrews, R-Fairfax; Axselle, D-Henrico; Bagley, D-Hampton; Ball, D-Henrico; Beard, R-Culpeper; Bloxom, R-Accomack; Calvert, R-Danville; Cooper, D-York; Copeland, D-Virginia Beach; Councill, D-Southampton; Cranwell, D-Roanoke; Creekmore, D-Chesapeake; Crouch, R-Lynchburg; Diamonstein, D-Newport News; Dickinson, D-Louisa; Dicks, D-Chesterfield; Dobyns, D-Pulaski; Finney, D-Rocky Mount;

Forehand, D-Chesapeake; Giesen, R-Augusta; Glasscock, D-Suffolk; Gordy, R-Fairfax; Green, D-Russell; Hall, D-Richmond; Hanger, R-Augusta; Harris, R-Fairfax; Jester, R-Lynchburg; Jones, D-Dinwiddie; Lacy, D-Wytheville; Lambert, D-Richmond; Marshall, D-Arlington; Maxwell, D-Newport News; McDiarmid, D-Fairfax; McGlothlin, D-Buchanan; Morgan, R-Gloucester; Morrison, D-Newport News;

Munford, D-Montgomery; Murphy, D-King George; Putney, I-Bedford; Quillen, D-Scott; Robinson, D-Pound; Slayton, D-Halifax; Smith, D-Frederick; Squyres, D-Fairfax; Stafford, R-Giles; Stieffen, D-Hampton; Stosch, R-Richmond; Terry, D-Patrick; Thomas, D-Roanoke; Van Landingham, D-Alexandria; Van Yahres, D-Charlottesville; Watkins, R-Chesterfield; Wilkins, R-Amherst; Wilson, D-Allegheny; Woodrum, D-Roanoke; Philpott, D-Bassett. Voting in Favor:

Ackerman, D-Fredericksburg; Allen, R-Albemarle; Almand, D-Arlington; F.C. Bagley, D-Prince William; Barry, R-Fairfax; Benedetti, R-Richmond; Brickley, D-Prince William; Brown, R-Bristol; Callahan, R-Fairfax; Cohen, D-Alexandria; DeBoer, D-Petersburg; Dillard, R-Fairfax; Ealey, D-Richmond; Guest, R-Front Royal; Hargrove, R-Hanover; Hawkins, R-Pittsylvania; Heilig, D-Norfolk;

Jennings, D-Smyth; Joannou, D-Portsmouth; Jones, R-Chesterfield; Keating, D-Fairfax; Manning, D-Portsmouth; Marks, D-Hopewell; McClanan, D-Virginia Beach; Medico, R-Fairfax; Moncure, R-Stafford; Moss, D-Norfolk; O'Brien, D-Virginia Beach; O'Brien, R-Virginia Beach; Orebaugh, R-Rockingham; Parker, D-Mecklenburg; Parrish, R-Prince William; Pickett, D-Virginia Beach;

Plum, D-Fairfax; Ragsdale, R-Hanover; Robinson, D-Norfolk; Rollins, R-Loudoun; Smith, D-Norfolk; Stambaugh, D-Arlington; Washington, D-Norfolk; Watts, D-Fairfax. Not Voting:

Anderson, D-Buckingham.

The bill dealing with the rights of the terminally ill: Voting in Favor:

Ackerman, Agee, Allen, Almand, Andrews, F.C. Bagley, R.M. Bagley, Barry, Beard, Bloxom, Brickley, Calvert, Cohen, Cooper, DeBoer, Dobyns, Ealey, Finney, Giesen, Glasscock, Green, Guest, Hanger, Hawkins, Jennings, G.W. Jones, R.B. Jones, Keating, Lacy, Lambert, Marks, Marshall, McDiarmid, Miller, Morgan, Moss, Munford, Murphy, J.W. O'Brien, Orebaugh, Parker, Pickett, Plum, Quillen, Ragsdale, J.W. Robinson, W.P. Robinson, Rollins, Slayton, A.H. Smith, Squyres, Stafford, Van Landingham, Van Yahres, Washington, Watkins, Watts, Woodrum. Voting Against:

Axselle, Ball, Benedetti, Brown, Callahan, Copeland, Councill, Cranwell, Creekmore, Crouch, Diamonstein, Dickinson, Dicks, Dillard, Forehand, Gordy, Hall, Hargrove, Harris, Jester, Joannou, Maxwell, McClanan, McGlothlin, Medico, Moncure, Morrison, W.R. O'Brien, Parrish, Putney, J.L. Smith, Stieffen, Stosch, Terry, Thomas, Wilkins, Wilson. Not Voting:

Anderson, Heilig, Manning, Stambaugh, Philpott.