The Mount Rainier City Council last week joined an increasing number of local communities in adopting a resolution calling for a nuclear weapons freeze.

The new measure, passed unanimously, says members of Congress and the president should be urged to stop the arms race.

Last fall, the City Council rejected another nuclear freeze measure that would have called for a ban on the production, transport, storage and disposal of nuclear weapons within city limits.

It also would have required that signs be posted proclaiming Mount Rainier a nuclear-free zone and called for letters to be sent to the White House and the Kremlin informing them of the resolution.

Council members at the time argued against the idea of antinuclear signs in the city and said they thought that contacting the U.S. and Russian governments was an intrusion into foreign policy.

Mayor Linda Nalls also said she was not sure the resolution had the support of the city's 9,000 or so residents.

Since then, members of a grass-roots antinuclear weapons group circulated a petition and gathered about 400 signatures. The petition called for a council vote on the issue or a referendum in May on which the public could make a decision.

The group, the Mount Rainier Nuclear Freeze Campaign, also agreed to soften the original resolution to the one approved by the council.