A Prince George's County jury was read yesterday the written statement a Southeast Washington woman gave county police, describing a plot to have her husband killed by a man she hired who had allegedly asked her, "Are we going to off this dude or what?"

The husband, Phillip Andrews, 25, was shot once in the arm last January, and a week later was shot at again. The second bullet missed.

Leslie Boyd Andrews, 26, has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to murder Phillip Andrews, whom she married in 1977. Last year, her attorneys unsuccessfully challenged introduction of the statement into her trial.

According to the statement, which was read by a police detective during the first day of her trial in circuit court, she and her husband, an insurance salesman and part-time model now living in Philadelphia, were temporarily separated when she met the man she said she hired to kill her husband.

The man, Terry T. Brown, 27, who was a psychiatric counselor at St. Elizabeths Hospital at the time, happened to meet her socially and asked how she got her black eye, and she replied that her husband had beaten her, according to the statement.

Later, she said, Brown called her to his house in Southeast Washington. " . . . He looked at me and said, 'Well, are we going to off this dude or what?' " Andrews said in her statement. "So I said: Look, could we not be so flippant about it. And I told him that this is not something that I do all the time."

Andrews' statement said she eventually agreed to pay $1,000 before her husband was killed, and $1,000 afterwards. "He asked me if I wanted him beat to death, but I did not want that," she said in the statement. "So we decided on him being shot."

Her husband was shot in the arm Jan. 20 in front of the apartment his wife was renting in Southeast. He spent a week in a hospital.

The day after Phillip Andrews was released from the hospital, his wife said in her statement, she made further arrangements with Brown to try again to have him killed during a trip to Landover Mall.

But by that time, according to other testimony in the trial, police had been alerted by relatives of the couple and were at the mall. The slaying was temporarily called off, Andrews said in the statement, and she returned with her husband to Greenbelt. As they were entering the apartment, the statement said, a shot struck the door.

The couple found a note on the door asking them to call detectives, who had been trying to reach them all afternoon, and were taken to police headquarters where Leslie Andrews was told she would be charged. Police testified yesterday that Andrews then gave her statement.

Brown, who is scheduled to be tried on charges of conspiracy to murder in March, was arrested at the mall later the same evening.

Both he and Andrews are free on bond. Andrews' trial is expected to continue today.