A former Greenbelt resident, charged with plotting to have her husband murdered, told a Prince George's County jury yesterday that she discussed the idea lightheartedly at a dinner party with the alleged hit man, but did not take the conversation seriously until the first shot rang out.

Leslie Boyd Andrews, 27, a former businesswoman and accounting technician who now lives in Fairfax, said she "strongly suspected" that Terry Tyrone Brown was trying to hurt her husband, Phillip K. Andrews, after the latter was shot in the arm by an unknown assailant in Southwest Washington early last year.

She did not inform police, she said, because she was afraid Brown, a psychiatric counselor whom she knew casually, would harm her.

Eight days later, the day after Phillip Andrews was released from the hospital, a second shot was fired as the couple were entering their Greenbelt apartment. It missed her husband and hit the door, she said.

County detectives, acting on information from Mrs. Andrews' relatives, questioned the couple later the same day and charged her with conspiracy to murder.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Bond E. Rhue introduced a lengthy statement that Mrs. Andrews gave police at the time, in which she said she had promised to pay Brown $2,000 to have her husband killed.

Questioned by Rhue yesterday, she said much of the statement was true, but misconstrued. She said she gave her statement to police because they insisted that they were only interested in arresting Brown, and she cooperated with them because she believed Brown was dangerous.

Andrews' attorney, Joseph L. Gibson Jr., told the jury that police had "harassed, coerced, badgered" his client into giving her statement.

Terry Brown, a Florida resident who has also been charged with conspiring to murder Phillip Andrews, is scheduled to be tried in April.