A Prince George's County jury found a 27-year-old woman guilty early today of plotting to have her husband murdered. The verdict came at 12:45 a.m. after more than 11 hours of deliberation.

Leslie Boyd Andrews was convicted of attempted murder and conspiracy for arranging to pay a friend $2,000 to have her husband, Phillip G. Andrews, an insurance salesman and part-time model, shot and killed last year. She could be sentenced to life in prison.

Andrews was shot in the arm in January 1982 while waiting to meet his wife in the District.

One week later, just after he was released from hospital, he was shot at as the couple were entering their apartment in Greenbelt. The shot missed Andrews and struck the door.

Mrs. Andrews, who has been living in Fairfax, was ordered held without bond by Prince George's Circuit Judge Vincent Femia and was led from the courtroom in tears by her attorney.

Andrews still faces similar charges in the District.

According to a statement Andrews gave police after the second shooting, Terry Tyrone Brown, 27, the man she allegedly hired to shoot her husband, had questioned her about a black eye. When she told him she received it from her husband, Brown told her she should kill her husband before he killed her.

"He asked me if I wanted him beat to death, but I did not want that," she said in her statement. "So we decided on him being shot."

Cross-examined by prosecutor Bond E. Rhue on Wednesday, Andrews, a former businesswoman and accounting technician, said she had discussed the idea of killing her husband light-heartedly at a dinner party with Brown, and did not think the conversation was serious until the first shot was fired.

Brown, now living in Florida, has also been charged with conspiring to murder Phillip Andrews, and is scheduled to be tried here in April.