"I'm going to walk. I'm missing a leg, but that's okay. I'm getting another one," Barbara (Sandy) Lee said yesterday.

Lee, the 26-year-old Prince George's firefighter who nearly lost her life in September when she fell beneath a moving fire engine, spoke to the press yesterday for the first time since the accident, holding a news conference at the Shra (Sandy) Lee smiles after press conference. Her parents and first nursock-Trauma Center in the University Hospital in Baltimore.

Her doctor, Sheldon Brotman, said that her survival is "a miracle twice over." He said that in the first 24 hours after the accident, Lee was given 173 units of blood, or 17 times the normal amount in the human body.

Lee, a five-year member of the county fire department, said the accident occurred just after she had scrambled to catch the fire engine. She had just swung into an outside seat, she said, when "I reached forward for my boots and I flew out." She rolled under the back tires and was dragged a short distance, suffering a crushed pelvis, internal injuries and the loss of almost all the skin on the lower half of her body.