Oh, wow! There's no end to the benefits the Barry administration is showering upon the city. The latest is a $50,000 contract to a local public relations firm that is supposed to help the city's taxicab drivers make visitors feel welcome.

District of Columbia taxpayers need not feel pained by the program. They won't pay for it. The next50,000 out-of-towners who spend a night in a city hotel or motel will foot the bill through an existing $1-a-night tax on room occupancy. Shucks, it will be as painless to them as paying the cab driver or a bellhop a dollar tip.

But let's get back to the main point. Mayor Marion Barry's Committee to Promote Washington, headed by R. Robert Linowes, advertised for a minority-owned firm to devise a program for telling hackers worthwhile information they might pass on to their passengers.

Like, for instance, hotel and restaurant locations, the scheduling of special events and the hours of museums--things that cab drivers are supposed to know anyway.

The winner of the contract among eight bidders is the JAM Corp., a minority firm owned and headed by Jeanne Clarke, a onetime campaign publicist for former mayor Walter E. Washington.