Aw, shucks. We've gotta empathize with Chuck Robb, pictured below, who is being pushed into the national political arena against his publicly expressed wishes. Virginia's Democratic pols are talking about making the governor (and son-in-law of President Lyndon B. Johnson) their favoriteson candidate for president.

And Robb says he may go along for the merry ride.

As one Richmond political reporter put it: Robb "insisted... this [favorite-son candidacy] would be nothing more than a tactical political maneuver that would not alter his intention to complete his present four-year term as governor."

Robb went a step beyond that. Asked if he would not seek any national office (the presidency or vice presidency are the only ones) in 1984, he responded: "Yes."

The favorite-son gambit was hatched earlier this week by the man who perhaps has the most to gain politically from a Robb midterm elevation to higher office, Lt. Gov. Richard J. Davis. The state's second-highest officer suggested it would help party unity.

When he learned of Davis' statement, Robb told reporters, he telephoned the liqutenant governor and asked: "Dick, what in the world have you launched?"

Probably what Robb wanted launched.