The House of Delegates today recaptured a Fairfax County "sleeper" bill and sent it back to committee, giving Arlington Del. Mary A. Marshall a chance to tweak Fairfax's legislative delegation one more time.

The bill would have lifted the state-imposed annual spending limit on the county's roadbuilding program, a move that Arlington's senior delegate opposed. Thursday she unwittingly joined in a 100-to-0 vote in favor of a seemingly unrelated bill that, in its fine print, actually lifted the cap. But today the House Roads Committee chairman came to Marshall's rescue and asked that the bill be sent back to his committee.

"They sneaked one through," said Del. Donald McGlothlin (D-Grundy). "They have just got to have that cap on there. That's all there is to it."

This latest maneuver seemed unlikely to rekindle the Arlington-Fairfax feud that had been raging during the past few weeks, however. Marshall said she will support the Fairfax bill next week with only one amendment, which Fairfax legislators say they can accept, and Fairfax senators said they would no longer try to hold up Marshall's legislation.

"The war is supposed to be over," said Sen. Edward M. Holland (D--Arlington).