An Alexandria reader writes: "Judge Albert Bryan of the federal District Court in Alexandria is a real law-and-order man except when it comes to his own affairs. Alexandria recently passed an ordinance requiring walks to be shoveled eight hours after a snowfall. Guess whose walk still had a foot of snow 36 hours after the last snow? You guessed it: Judge Bryan [who lives in the 2800 block of King Street] . . . ."

Intrigued, we called U.S. District Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr., who pleaded not guilty. Judge Bryan, chuckling, said the address cited is that of his father, U.S. Senior Circuit Judge Albert V. Bryan Sr., who years ago presided over the District Court. Here the story gets complicated.

Judge Bryan Jr., who lives at 300 Crown View Dr., said he went out Sunday morning to shovel off his own walk. "I hope my father didn't try to shovel his own walk at age 83," the judge said.

Judge Bryan Sr., reached yesterday at his chambers in Alexandria's U.S. Courthouse, told me "I don't deny it because I didn't go out there . . . I can't affirm or deny the accusation."

But, the judge said, the snow-removal task would be a major one: his King Street frontage is about two blocks in length. By now, he said, he's sure it's melted.