A Landover man who apparently had lost control of his car in last week's blizzard and skidded off a road was found Friday in a wooded area in Largo by mounted Maryland Park Police.

Samuel Bailey, 33, an auto mechanic who lived at 2200 Brightseat Road in Landover, had been reported missing on Wednesday.

His body was found at about 2:15 p.m. Friday, Prince George's County Police said.

On the morning of storm, Bailey had left the Amoco gasoline station where he worked, at 10604 Campus Way South in Largo, to take two friends whose car had broken down to their home, police said.

A missing person report was not filed immediately by his family because his sister, Fancis Saulsbury, said that he occasionally would go away for a few days without telling anyone.

Concern arose after a coworker spotted Bailey's car about 50 feet off the road in the 11000 block of Newbridge Way in Largo on Wednesday.

"I didn't assume he was missing at first because he had a lot of friends and I figured he was somewhere, goofing off or something," Saulsbury said. "When the car was found, I knew something was wrong."

The day after she reported Bailey missing, Saulsbury and other family members searched the expansive acreage where his car was found.

After four hours, Saulsbury said, the family stood in an open field and wept.

"We knew he was out there," she said. "We just didn't know where. I guess the Lord didn't intend for us to find him."

Police said that Bailey evidently got turned in the wrong direction while trying to find his way through the strong winds and blinding snowfall.

"He was buried in a snowdrift. He appeared to have taken cover by a tree because that's where he was found, kind of crouching down behind a tree," said Prince George's homicide detective Bruce Gentile.

"This is shocking," said Bailey's former wife, Joann Bailey. She described him as "a warm, well-liked but moody man." She said that they had a 12-year-old son.