Did your boss give you a hard time because you didn't make it to work on Blizzard Day?

Did he attempt to shame you by pointing out that lots of your colleagues did come in despite the snow?

Well, your boss is probably a pussycat compared to the Air Force civilian supervisor who said nobody gets excused time off unless they can prove to his satisfaction that they absolutely couldn't make it. Here is his memo to the staff at an Andrews Air Force Base office:

"Since the base commander and civilian personnel have granted supervisors authority to grant administrative leave for 11 Feb. 83, I have decided to review your individual situations to determine if you made reasonable effort to get to work as compared to your fellow employees. My first phase of this review is to require you to write a complete item by item account of the situation which caused you to be absent on 11 Feb. The narrative account must include the following information and facts.

"1) Detailed description of where you live including a map of the area, length and width of driveway, slope of driveway, width of street or road in front and rear of your house, slope of street you claim inability to negotiate.

"2) Statement as to your health on 11 Feb.

"3) Names, address and telephone number of at least two neighbors that can witness to approximate time and date your street was plowed.

"4) Photographs (if available) of the snow levels at your home.

"5) Description including year, make and condition of car or truck you normally use to get to work including type and condition of tires (if you don't have approved snow tires stop here).

"6) A complete narrative description of the total efforts you made to get to work including times and incidents. Give names and telephone numbers of people you called in an effort to hitch a ride. List problems you had that you believe to be unique to your circumstances.

"7) Give a statement why you think you deserve to have your leave changed from annual to administrative in view of the fact that 28 of your fellow employes did manage to report to work on the 11th.

"8) The requirements listed above are only for those individuals who desire a review of their leave category for 11 Feb. 83. Information must be returned by 17 Feb. 83."

Could you pass that test?