The Friendship Heights Village Council last week passed a resolution supporting efforts to let Takoma Park residents vote on whether their city, split by the Montgomery-Prince George's county border, should be united in one county.

Friendship Heights officials stopped short of directly supporting a bill before the state legislature that would allow Takoma Park residents on the Prince George's side to vote on whether they want to join Montgomery, village manager Alice Bushnell said.

The council is not taking a stand on which county the city should join, she said. "We're simply supporting their right to have a vote," she said.

In another demonstration of support for other communities, the council unanimously decided to back Somerset in keeping Somerset Elementary School as a neighborhood school. Somerset Mayor A. Eugene Miller had requested the council's backing on this issue. In return for its endorsement, Friendship Heights will ask Somerset to support some of its upcoming proposals, Bushnell said.

"There is a lot of reciprocity between towns on some issues," she said.

In other action, the council unanimously approved a resolution backing a Montgomery County Council bill against religious or racially intimidating acts of vandalism.

"The council definitely wanted to take a stand supporting the county council on this matter," Bushnell said.