District officials have told Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7B members that negotiations between the city and the owner of a former landfill in the Woodland section make them hopeful that a dispute over the site will be settled.

Residents have complained that a mound of dirt, chunks of concrete and building materials on the nine-acre tract at 28th and Austin streets SE is an eyesore. City officials have said that mud from the site oozes onto some streets and that the steep hills of dirt could be dangerous if youngsters played on them.

The city and several residents filed lawsuits arising from the landfill against the landfill's owner, Northgate Corp., and some of the cases are still pending. The owners have tried to regrade the site, but those efforts failed to still residents' opposition.

City officials said Northgate has hired consultants to study regrading the land and ending the alleged erosion problems.

ANC 7B also is compiling a list of senior citizens in its boundaries so that ANC officials can keep them informed about Social Security, health and other benefits available to them. ANC officials say they will contact civic groups for help in compiling the list and ask that families call the ANC office with names.