A feud between conservatives and moderates for control of the Republican Party in Rep. Frank R. Wolf's district appears to have been resolved with the election of a Wolf supporter as chairman of the 10th District Republican Committee.

The district committee's executive committee unanimously elected Robert R. Bocek to fill the remaining 14-month term of former chairman Judy Shreve, who resigned the post last November after managing Wolf's successful reelection campaign.

"One of my primary goals is to make the party unified," Bocek said yesterday. "Competition is good. But after you have your primary or convention or whatever, I think people should be able to get back together and work for a winner."

Shreve said yesterday that Bocek, an Arlington resident who managed Wolf's campaign in the county last year and who has long been active in local, state and congressional GOP races, was considered a "consensus candidate" who could bring the party's factions together.

The party's 14-member executive committee deadlocked at its Dec. 1 meeting on a vote between conservative Ray LaJeunesse of Arlington and moderate state Del. Vincent F. Callahan Jr. of McLean. Bocek, a local Republican said yesterday, is more moderate than LaJeunesse and more conservative than Callahan.

Bocek is a manager in the legislative liaison office of McDonnell Douglas, an aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor. His wife, Margaret, is a Republican appointee to the county school board.