A plan by Arlington school officials that would have placed $25,000 worth of computer equipment in county classrooms for free has been scrapped because of new state regulations.

School officials agreed in January to allow Technology Import Corp. of Arlington to hold an eight-week summer computer camp at Swanson Intermediate School in exchange for use of the firm's equipment during the school year. The company would have charged tuition for students attending the camp, which would have featured instruction in using computers.

Officials said yesterday that they will not go forward with the plan because of a state public procurement law that went into effect last month requiring the system to advertise and accept competitive bids for all contracts involving more than $5,000.

"The value of the leased space and computers exceded $10,000," school budget director Joseph Guter explained yesterday.

Officials of Technology Import said there was not enough time to go through a lengthy bidding process and have the camp ready to open in June. Firm spokeswoman Karen Rosenbaum said the company has agreed to pay to hold the camp instead on the campus of Mount Vernon College in Northwest Washington.

Last week school board members added $196,000 to the system's 1983-84 budget to establish and equip computer labs in each of the county's three high schools. The system would have gained the use of 30 minicomputers under the exchange plan.